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All MBA students must take 4 electives. If the student chooses, he/she may specialize in Finance or Marketing by taking 3 related courses. If the student does not wish to obtain a concentration in a specialized area, he/she may take any four electives from the General Business Concentration section.

Finance Concentration

Students must complete three of the following 3-credit hour courses:

  • BA 531 Advanced Financial Management
  • BA 532 Financial Institutions and Markets
  • BA 533 Investment Concepts
  • BA 536 Financial Analysis and Security Valuation
  • BA 582 International Finance

Marketing Concentration

Students must take three, 3-hour elective courses from the following:

  • BA 505 Brand Management
  • BA 551 Product Strategy and Management
  • BA 558 Promotional Strategy and Management
  • BA 581 Global Marketing