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Foundation Courses

The courses comprising the foundation of the MBA Program provide students lacking background in specific areas with a solid base of theoretical and practical knowledge. Students who have gained foundation knowledge at the undergraduate level at SIUC or elsewhere may request that their undergraduate record be evaluated to determine if MBA foundation requirements have been satisfied. Proficiency examinations are available in several of the foundation areas; some are available only certain times of the year. Contact Testing Services for more details.

This table gives an overview of some of the foundation courses required for an MBA, and their course number equivalencies at SIU
Subject Area SIU Equivalent Course(s)
Financial Accounting Concepts ACCT 220 or BA 410
Statistics ACCT/FIN/MGMT 208 or ESPY 506
Business Finance FIN 330
Microeconomics ECON 240 or ECON 440*
Macroeconomics ECON 241 or ECON 441*

*BA 426 (Managerial Economics) fulfills BOTH Macroeconomics and Microeconomics requirements.