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Curriculum for the M.P.A.

As an M.P.A. student, you must complete a minimum of 40 semester hours of academic work. This consists of 28 hours of required coursework including a 1 semester hour pre-professional seminar in public administration and a 3-hour internship (PADM 595) for pre-service students. All students must complete and successfully pass a comprehensive examination to graduate from the program.

Students take 12 semester hours of elective credit. At least 21 semester hours (excluding the 3 hours of internship) of graduate level coursework must be taken from courses offered within the Political Science Department.

Our program works closely with its advisory board, which is staffed with local, state, federal, and non-profit professionals from around the country. M.P.A. students and faculty meet with the advisory board twice a year to ensure curriculum and extracurricular activities effectively prepare students for a career in public service.

All M.P.A. students, with the exception of those concentrating in aviation, take the following courses for 28 hours of credit. This curriculum reflects NASPAA accreditation requirements. Students concentrating in aviation administration take PADM 557 Financial Administration instead of PADM 539 Program Evaluation.

Required Courses for All Specializations:

  • PADM 503 (3 Credits) Research Methods for Public Administrators
  • PADM 540 (3 Credits) Seminar in Public Management
  • PADM 542 (3 Credits) Public Budgeting and Fiscal Management
  • PADM 543 (3 Credits) Human Resource Management
  • PADM 545 (3 Credits) Organizational Theory and Behavior
  • PADM 546 (3 Credits) Leadership in Public Administration
  • PADM 594 (1 Credits) Pre-professional Seminar in Public Administration
  • PADM 595 (3 Credits) Internship in Public Affairs (for pre-service students only)


General Track:

  • PADM 535 (3 Credits) Ethical Foundation of Public Service
  • PADM 539 (3 Credits) Program Analysis and Evaluation

Aviation Track:

  • PADM 535 (3 Credits) Ethical Foundation of Public Service
  • PADM 557 (3 Credits) Public Financial Admin

Joint Degree Program MPA/JD:

  • PADM 539 (3 Credits) Program Analysis and Evaluation


General Track:

  • Four courses - 12 hours ofcredits.

Aviation Track:

  • AVM/PADM 551-3 (3 Credits) Aviation Policy, Law and Regulation
  • AVM/PADM 552-3 (3 Credits) Advanced Airport Administration
  • AVM/PADM 553-3 (3 Credits) Advanced Aviation Safety Administration
  • AVM/PADM 554-3 (3 Credits) Aviation Planning
  • AVM/PADM 555-3 (3 Credits) International Aviation

Joint Degree Program MPA/JD:

  • 5 courses - 15 elective credit hours chosen from the list below:

LAW 533, LAW 539, LAW 548, LAW 552, LAW 553, LAW 558, LAW 568, LAW 579, LAW 585, LAW 589, LAW 593, LAW 596, LAW 600, LAW 619, LAW 620, LAW 622, LAW 642, LAW 650, LAW 651, LAW 662, and LAW 668.

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