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Financial Assistance


Graduate students applying for a graduate assistantship from the MPA program must submit valid GRE scores to the MPA director prior to application deadlines. Graduate assistantships are awarded on a competitive basis. Academic achievement, work-related experience, and other evidence of individual skills are the major factors for determining graduate assistantship awards. Most graduate assistantship awards are made in April for the upcoming calendar year (August to May). Occasionally awards are made in November for assistantships beginning in January.  In the latter case, the award is only for one semester. 

Students who receive a graduate assistantship usually work as research or teaching assistants for faculty members in the MPA program and Political Science Department.  students who have a 50% appointment work 20 hours per week. Those with a 25% appointment work 10 hours per week. The number of assistantships available varies from year to year. The maximum appointment time for master’s students is 24 months.

Graduate Assistantship Job Postings lists current opportunities for Graduate Assistantships outside of the MPA Program.


Fellowships available through the Graduate school carry a stipend and tuition waiver, but unlike graduate assistantships do not always include a requirement to work.  These awards are made to students of outstanding academic ability and achievement, and to students who have overcome disadvantages of minority group membership, socio-economic status, or gender.  These competitive awards require nomination by the program director.  

Information regarding need based fellowships can be found at the Graduate School.


The Graduate school determines eligibility for tuition waivers (i.e., tuition scholarships):

GA’s holding a 25% or 50% contract and Fellows will be given a 15 hour tuition scholarship for fall and spring semesters, and an 8 hour tuition scholarship for the summer semester.

All graduate assistants holding a fall and spring appointment for the full length of the semesters will be eligible for an eight hour tuition scholarship for the summer session immediately following the two consecutive semesters.