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Doctor of Philosophy

The doctoral program in the College of Business and Analytics at Southern Illinois University prepares qualified individuals for teaching and research positions in academic institutions. We offer degrees in Business Administration and Economics.

Doctor of Philosophy in Business Administration

Our Business Administration program is fully accredited by AACSB International and offers a specialization in accounting, finance, management, or marketing. Graduates devote a minimum of three years to full-time study that includes coursework and developing a dissertation that makes an original contribution to knowledge in the graduate’s chosen field. Detailed requirements for earning a Ph.D. can be found in the SIU Graduate Catalog.

The College of Business and Analytics admits a cohort of doctoral students every two years. The Accounting, Finance, Management, and Marketing programs each select from two to four applicants for admission during the Fall semester in even-numbered years. The application period opens on July 1 of odd-numbered years and applications close on January 15 in the year of admission. Application forms and instructions can be found on the SIU Graduate School website.

Applications for all Business Administration areas of interest will open Fall 2023 for entry in Fall 2024.

Doctor of Philosophy in Economics

The Ph.D. in Economics degree prepares students for teaching and research positions in the academic world, for positions such as senior economist in private industry and consulting firms, and for government positions requiring advanced economic training. Detailed requirements for earning a Doctor of Philosophy in Economics degree can be found in the SIU Graduate Catalog.

Contact Information

For more information about admission criteria, financial support, research options, and teaching opportunities click on your area of interest below, or contact the appropriate doctoral program coordinator.

Accounting Economics
  • Coordinator: Dr. A.K.M. Mahbub Morshed
  • Faner Hall 4139 | 618/453-5070




Finance Management Marketing
  • Coordinator: Dr. John Fraedrich
  • Rehn Hall 219A | 618/453-7786