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Doctoral Program in Economics

SIU’s Economics Doctoral program in Economics provides in-depth training for future economists, regardless of one’s career path: academic, industry, or government. Our graduates pursue all three avenues. 


The program offers four specializations

  • Development Economics
  • International Economics
  • Monetary Economics
  • Finance

Most students complete the program in only four years.

Numerous opportunities to teach undergraduate courses provide teaching experience many academic employers seek

Program-level assistantships and university-level fellowships provide financial assistance, including living stipends and tuition waivers. SIU’s Financial Assistance for Graduate Students provides more detail. 

Our graduate students come from all over the world, providing a diverse environment in which to thrive. 

The Ph.D. is a STEM degree and so allows international students to remain in the U.S. for three years without needing the H1B Visa.


Applications are processed through SIU’s Apply Now portal. Please see the Graduate’s School’s application page for more details. Then, create an account and apply.

Details on what materials are needed for admission and an overview of the curriculum are provided in the Graduate Catalog (which also provides information on the masters program). 

When to apply

We do not have a formal deadline. However, to receive full consideration for an assistantship, please submit a complete application by February 14th for fall admission. To receive full consideration for a first-year doctoral fellowship, please submit a complete application by December 15th for fall admission. 

Funding for spring admission is very limited and so those candidates seeking funding should seek fall admission. 

Our Faculty

Bios and contact info for our faculty are one click away.

Contact Information

For more information regarding our Doctoral Program, please contact:

AKM Mahbub Morshed
Director of Graduate Studies in Economics


More general information regarding the graduate study can be found at SIU's Graduate School

Good luck with all your future endeavors and we encourage you to apply!