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Marketing Concentration

The objective of the doctoral program in marketing is to provide the student with a comprehensive, in-depth coverage of the field of marketing, leading to career options in teaching, research and service in academic, government and industry environments.

It is also the goal of the program to recruit, admit, educate, graduate and place quality Ph.D.’s. Consistent with this goal and with the human and financial resources available, an ideal student-to-graduate faculty ratio should not exceed approximately 1 to 1.5 at any point in time. Admissions should be monitored so that a critical mass of 2-4 students is enrolled in the marketing doctoral seminars.

Within the Marketing concentration normal GMAT scores are well above the 600 mark. A Department goal is to have Ph.D. students complete two accepted or revise/resubmit manuscripts before ABD (All But Dissertation) status.

For more information about the Business Administration Ph.D. in Marketing, please contact our Ph.D. Faculty Coordinator, Dr. Mavis Adjei, at (618) 453-7703 or