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Faculty: Inspiring Lives, Transforming Business

Our faculty members are heavily involved in noteworthy research and as a result they are frequently cited and consulted as experts in their respective fields. Research changes business theory, the understanding of how key business concepts and relationships work. That, in turn, changes the understanding of best business practices. Discoveries by our faculty members change the world of business.

That gives our students a double advantage. Students learn by participating with faculty in ground-breaking research. And in our classrooms, students study the latest developments and findings before the information makes its way into textbooks. 

Since our students acquire cutting-edge knowledge delivered to them by the researchers who discover it, they are better informed and more prepared for a future in business when they graduate.

The SIU College of Business and Analytics supports faculty members in their pursuit of knowledge creation. Together we will change and improve the understanding of business theory, practice and education.

See our faculty members discuss their research interests and teaching methods in the following videos.


Dr. Mavis Adjei sits in a conference room

Faculty research 


Dr. Wanli Zhao in the Kraft Trading Room

Faculty classroom experience