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Degrees in Economics

Bachelor of Arts in Economics

Within the economics major, students can specialize in different fields, including international economics, financial economics, and law & economics. These focused areas are rapidly increasing in importance as the world becomes more interdependent and as more people hold financial portfolios. Students specializing in general economics can also tailor a program to meet their specific interests through consultation with one of the undergraduate advisors in the department. [For more information...]

Bachelor's and Accelerated Master's Track

Undergraduate economics majors at SIU can enter an accelerated master’s program in which specific courses will satisfy requirements in both degrees allowing for completion of the master’s degree after bachelor’s degree, but at a shorter accelerated pace. To enter this program, students apply through the economics program during their junior year and must have at least a 3.25 GPA in all coursework. Before the end of their senior year, students in this program take ECON 465 (Mathematical Economics) and ECON 463 (Applied Econometrics), one other 400-level Economics course, and MATH 150 (Calculus I).

Nine credits from these 400-level ECON courses can be applied to both the bachelor’s degree and the master’s degree. Because the master’s requires 30 hours of coursework, students in the accelerated master’s program only need 21 hours after their senior year thereby making it possible and likely to complete the master’s degree in only one year. [For more information ...]

Bachelor of Science in Quantitative Economics

Forthcoming in Fall 2022, the Quantitative Economics program complements core Economics courses with those in computer programming, statistics, and mathematics. Students gain the quantitative tools to conduct sophisticated analyses of economics issues, acquiring the skills that businesses and other organizations increasingly seek. [For more information ...]

Masters of Economics

A Master of Arts degree will be awarded upon completion of a research paper and the course and hour requirements. The research paper is counted as three hours of credit as Economics 598. One copy is to be submitted to the Graduate School at least three weeks prior to the date of graduation, and one copy is to be submitted to the Department of Economics prior to graduation. Under this option, the student must take an additional graduate-level course for 3 semester hours. 

Master of Science degree will be awarded upon completion of a master’s thesis and the course and hour requirements. The thesis shall be supervised by a committee of at least three members of the graduate faculty and will be counted for six semester hours of credit as ECON 599. (Thus the thesis constitutes six of the required 30 semester hours). The student is required to submit the thesis electronically to the Graduate School. For electronic submission requirements, please go to Here you will find detailed information concerning the electronic submission requirements. One copy of the thesis is to be submitted to the Economics program prior to graduation. [For more information ...]

Doctor of Philosophy

The Doctor of Philosophy in economics prepares students for teaching and research positions in the academic world, for positions such as senior economist in private industry and consulting firms, and for government positions requiring advanced economic training. [For more information ...]