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Scholarships for Economics Majors

The Economics program is proud to help financially support our students. The Thomas and Chany Chung Scholarship is given EACH semester to EACH Economics major carrying a 3.0+ GPA in all SIU coursework as well as in SIU's Economics courses. Everyone who qualifies receives the award. The amount of the award can vary but has run $1500 to $2000 per individual in recent semesters, totaling $10,500 to $14,000 across one's four years at SIU. (The scholarship is typically not given the first semester at SIU since no SIU GPA has been established at that point.) You don't even need to apply for the award! We will contact everyone who qualifies.

Other scholarships include:

Elizabeth Goyak: Awarded to an outstanding student in Economics, $900

Glenn W. and Cornelia Y. Miller: Endowed Scholarship Fund Award: Awarded to a Junior, Senior, or graduate student majoring in economics or public policy with an interest in labor economics, $3800

Garrett E. and Susan J. Pierce Scholarship: Awarded to an outstanding student in economics, $2000