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Doctoral Graduates

Dhoha A. Alsaleh

2010 Graduate

Dissertation: “A Social Model for the Consumer Acceptance of Technology Innovation.”

Othman Althawadi

2013 Graduate

Dissertation: “Understanding Contemporary Consumerism: A Cross Cultural Study”

Carolin Edward Gergis Azab

2013 Graduate

Dissertation:  “The Impact of Positive Psychological Capacities and Positive Emotions of Frontline Employees on the Quality and Customer Perceptions of Service Recovery.” 

Robert E. Boostrom

2010 Graduate

Dissertation: “The Effect of 3d Virtual Environments on Consumer Perceptions and Purchase Intent.”

Kesha K. Coker

2010 Graduate

Dissertation: ”Social Contextual Influences on Consumer Behavior: The Impact of Group Composition and Coviewing Context on Recall of and Attitude Toward Placed Brands.”

Ben Eng

2014 Graduate

Dissertation: “Consumers and Their Celebrity Brands:  How Narratives Impact Attachment through Communal Relationship Norms”

Keizo Ishikawa

2013 Graduate

Dissertation: “BRAND DYNAMICS: The Effects of Brand Personality and Brand Experience on Emotional Brand Attachment.”

Teresa Preston

2012 Graduate

Dissertation: "Marketing, Market Opportunity and Ephemeral Market Knowledge:  Toward a Theory of EMK's Role in the Creation of Competitive Advantage."

Vernon H. Sweetin

2010 Graduate

Dissertation: “Willingness to Reward or Punish Brands As Moderators for the Brand Personality Dimension Of Social Responsibility.”

Shuqin (Monica) Wei

2014 Graduate

Dissertation: “Customers’ Emotional and Coping Responses to Service Failures: The Role of Self-Congruence”

Nan Zhang

2013 Graduate

Dissertation: "Getting Involved in Consumer Online Product Reviews: A Self-Determination Theory Perspective"