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Marketing Advisory Board


Lead in exploring, creating, applying and disseminating marketing knowledge.


Develop rich mentoring networks between our students and our graduates, of all vintages. Produce knowledgeable, confident and ambitious graduates who make significant contributions to marketing thought and practice, at all levels, and all sectors, public and private.


Develop enduring relationships with our graduates.

Board History

The Southern Illinois University Marketing External Advisory Board (EAB) was created in the spring of 2004 when Dr. Terry Clark, Chair of the Marketing department, asked John Heakin to become Interim Chair of the newly formed SIU Marketing External Advisory Board. John had served on the College of Business and Administration Board, the Rehn Society, the Hall of Fame, and as an Executive in Residence.

In 2005, the SIU Marketing External Advisory Board (EAB) became a functional, working board for the SIU Marketing department. John Heakin was elected Chair, Adaire Putnam as Vice Chair (Chair elect) and Julie Madsen as secretary. It was decided that meetings would be held at the SIU Carbondale campus in the Fall, St. Louis in the Spring in conjunction with the Missouri Valley Basketball Conference Tournament and Chicago in the summer.

The SIU Marketing External Advisory Board has evolved into a working board that includes external board members, faculty and students for the purpose of developing and improving strategic planning and long range development of the SIU Marketing department and in concert with the SIU College of Business Administration.