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Degrees in Marketing

Bachelor of Science

The bachelor's degree program in marketing encompasses the entire key marketing functions, including those in e-commerce. Graduates may take advantage of challenging and dynamic career opportunities in large and small businesses, in government, and in non-profit organizations. Careers in the field of marketing cut across many industries and involve a variety of organizations. Some of the career options open to marketing graduates include retail management, internet marketing, advertising, public relations, sales and sales management, brand management international marketing, and market research.

Master of Business Administration

The residential MBA program at SIU allows students to select a specialization of their choice for a more targeted business experience. The specialization in Marketing exposes students to courses in branding, new product development, promotions, global marketing, among others.

Doctor of Philosophy

The Doctor of Philosophy in business administration degree program is designed to prepare individuals for faculty research and teaching positions in academic institutions and for high-level administrative or staff positions in business, government, and other organizations. Candidates for the Doctor of Philosophy in business administration degree must demonstrate in-depth knowledge of business and administration and high potential to undertake significant research.