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Living & Learning Community

We are ready to welcome you into the College of Business and Analytics' family. SIU Carbondale offers a Living Learning Community (LLC) which is a special residence hall community that brings college learning into the everyday lives of students. The LLC give students the opportunity to live in close proximity to others who share common interests and areas of study, and to have greater interaction with university faculty and staff.

Research indicates that students who participate in the LLC often have higher GPAs and are more likely to graduate on schedule. Students living in the LLC enjoy getting to know professors and classmates better‚ greater access to academic resources and specialized programs right in their residence halls.


The College of Business and Analytics (CoBA) has its own LLC located in Brown Hall. It’s located on scenic West Campus, overlooking our 40 acre campus lake.

Students living in the CoBA's LLC enjoy all of the great benefits and are among the first to receive information about events, guest speakers, career opportunities and more.

Single room layout

double room layout

floor plan of brown hall floor 1

 2nd floor plane of brown hall



For more information about the College of Business and Analytics LLC or FIG, contact Rachel Richey at (618) 453-7494, or