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Analytics and Artificial Intelligence

Data is the language of business. And businesses are drowning in it. Every business function is under pressure to make better, more timely decisions. Executives, managers, and business people in every area see the ocean of data but are unable to make sense of it. It’s huge, it’s messy, and it just keeps getting bigger. Analytics makes sense of all that data. Analytics helps business people (and really, people in any area) to understand what problems they have, to talk to the data analysts in their language, for the data analysts to understand the data and build appropriate models, and to explain their recommendations back to the business people so they can make better data-based decisions. The Analytics program in the College of Business and Analytics at SIU is tightly focused at executives in the certificate program, at managers in the M.B.A. with the Analytics for Managers concentration, at more technical managers in the Masters of Science in Strategic Analytics program, and at everyone with the Bachelors of Science in business analytics program.

The analytics program is supported by the Pontikes Center for Advanced Analytics and Artificial Intelligence. This Center has an active and involved advisory board that keeps all of the analytics programs relevant to today’s businesses. In addition, the Center leads the way with integrated analytics and artificial intelligence research that keeps the analytics program on the cutting edge of technology.

The world runs on data! Don’t be left behind. The analytics programs at the College of Business and Analytics will teach you not only the language of business, but the language of everything!