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Why Give to the SIU College of Business?

photo of Kenneth Hull

"For many years as my career advanced, I always thought; how can I repay those who helped me achieve my goals? That giving back process leads me to think about who really needs encouragement and support. The future is in the hands of those who will become the leaders not those of the past. As my retirement neared, my mission became to invest in the future, in those who will follow. My focus on giving back is to invest in those pursuing an education to become the leaders of the future. THAT IS WHY I GIVE."

Kenneth J. Hull
Retired Chairman and CEO
Follett Corporation
River Grove, Illinois

photo of Susan Rashid

"We give because we believe in the mission of SIU CoB. We admire the commitment and dedication of the faculty and staff to delivering each and every student a quality education while treating each as an individual. They provide their graduates with a top-notch education which allows them to compete and win in the business world."

Susan W. Rashid
Chicago, Illinois

Your gifts to the College of Business are an investment to sustain and enhance business education at SIU. Thank you for your support!