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Matching Gifts

A great way to increase the benefit of your contribution without any additional cost is for you to ask your company's personnel or community relations department if your company has a Matching Gift Program. Many corporations will match the contribution of their employees, officers, directors and, in some instances, spouses, retired employees, officers or directors.

photo of Kenneth Hull"Opportunities available for matching gifts are a real no brainer. For many years, I have been taking advantage of a matching gift program offered by the company for which I worked. It has allowed me to build a much larger endowment used for scholarships in the College of Business. You can do the same to support SIU's many needed programs. I would encourage anyone who has the ability to use a matching gift program to take full advantage of this leverage building resource to provide a greater impact."

Kenneth J. Hull
Retired Chairman and CEO
Follett Corporation
River Grove, Illinois