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The Henry J. Rehn Society

The Henry J. Rehn Society, named in honor of the first dean, recognizes those who make significant investments in the College of Business. Members of the Society share a vision of excellence for the College and help to provide the foundation to assure continuous improvement.

Contributors are recognized with a bronze, silver or gold medallion that corresponds to their level of giving. Each framed medallion features a sculpted bust of former Dean Rehn created by artist Thomas Gatlin. Mr. Gatlin, who received his MFA in sculpture at SIU, meticulously sculpted Dr. Rehn's portrait capturing the essence of the dean's character.

Contributors may reach any one of the levels of the Rehn Society by giving a one-time gift or through cumulative giving for the College of Business through the SIU Foundation.

This table details the different contributor levels associated with various contribution amounts
Contribution​ ​Level
​25,000 ​Member
​     ​50,000 ​Sponsor
​100,000 Benefactor
​200,000 Patron​
​Silver ​
​250,000 ​Distinguished Member
​500,000 Distinguished Sponsor
​750,000 ​Distinguished Benefactor​
​Gold ​
​1,000,000 ​Distinguished Patron