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Sustainability Conference Receives Green Grant

February 23, 2011, Hannah Rummel


When The Center for Innovation and the School of Art and Design began planning SIU Synergetics 2011, we knew that we were covering new ground and highlighting something significant and unique. Luckily for the planning committee we are quite accustomed to this! It is hard not to notice the trend toward sustainability because it influences so many aspects of our daily lives. Businesses have found that, in this age, sustainable development is essential to their growth and profitability. Both the Center for Innovation and the School of Art and Design want southern Illinois to be on the cutting edge of sustainable development. With this in mind, we have planned a milestone symposium that we can be proud of. SIU Synergetics will feature experts in creative problem solving, innovation team building, sustainable design and development methods, and ways to integrate these tools into an actionable business plan. Participants will be given the opportunity to learn more about a variety of market focuses through team-based workshops as well as connect with business peers and SIU research resources.

The SIU Green Fund took an interest in this project when they were informed of the symposium’s focus on reducing environmental impact through the use of Eco design principles. Upon submitting our application, SIU Synergetics was granted $3,000 to help offset expenses for the symposium. The Center for Innovation and the School of Art and Design are greatly appreciative of their support and will use the grant to create a profound experience for participants. If you would like to register for the symposium, visit The $125 registration fee (reduced fees for students) for SIU Synergetics covers the cost of all events and sessions, meals, and a participant guide. For more information, contact Jenni Janssen, assistant director of the SIU Center for Innovation, at 618/453-7788 or by e-mail at