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SSIF holds first ever CoBA Challenge

February 14, 2014, Emily Morgan


During the first weekend in February, the Saluki Student Investment Fund (SSIF) held their first ever security analysis competition, the CoBA Challenge.

The challenge was a competition among three teams of SSIF students who conducted a security analysis over a compressed amount of time (the weekend) and then presented their buy and sell decisions to the audience on Monday.

The students did not know ahead of time which companies they would be eligible to use for the competition. On Thursday, January 30, faculty advisor Dr. Jason Greene announced the sector from which students would be choosing their stock, which had to be from the Russell 1000 index. They then analyzed the companies and picked the best stock to recommend for their buy and sell decisions. The winning team’s buy and sell decisions will become trades in the SSIF’s CoBA Portfolio (an $85,000 portfolio).   

Team 1, made up of students Csaba Gercsak, Michael Kordas, and Olaf Meller, recommended buying General Dynamics (GD) and selling Peabody Energy (BTU). Team 2, made up of students Rachel Crofts, Angela Qu, and Brandon Schneider, recommended buying L-3 Communication (LLL) and selling Cree, Inc. (CREE). Team 3, made up of students Eddie Arrieta, Carlos Benedict, and Max Wan, also recommended selling Cree, but recommended buying United Parcel Service (UPS).

The teams presented their decisions on Monday, February 3, with all other members of SSIF and the Graduate Student Investment Fund voting to determine the winner. Department of Finance faculty members also attended the presentations. The voting was very close, with Team 2 winning the overall vote and the vote for the buy recommendation. Team 3 won the vote for the sell recommendation. Each member of the winning team was awarded a $100 gift card plus a $50 dress shirt/blouse allowance from Dillard’s.

Arrieta, a member of Team 3, said, “Even though my team didn’t win, I am glad that I participated. The time commitment and amount of research that we did was extensive, but at the end it paid off. I hope we can continue doing these types of things in the future.”

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