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Externship Series: Mustafa Abdullah, Jr., Lipman Hearne

March 24, 2014, Emily Morgan

${image-alt} Mustafa "MJ" Abdullah, Jr., a junior marketing major, spent his Spring Break externing for Lipman Hearne in Chicago, IL.

During Spring Break, 39 College of Business students spent their week gaining hands-on experience and focusing on their career path through the Externship Program.  The program is sponsored by the SIU Alumni Association and the College of Business.

Mustafa “MJ” Abdullah, Jr., a junior marketing major, spent his week working at Lipman Hearne in Chicago, IL.  Lipman Hearne is a marketing communications firm with a clientele base of nonprofit organizations and higher education institutions (including SIU). 

Abdullah worked primarily with the Research and Consulting department, participating in several client meetings covering everything from project budget proposals to creative concepts.  He was also given the opportunity to work on several projects.  The first was a one-day project in which Abdullah researched marketing communications awards that Lipman Hearne could apply for on behalf of the work they have done for their clients.

For his second project, Abdullah created a research report about how different target markets of students (prospective students, current students, and alumni) interacted with technology such as internet, social media, and mobile devices.  The information was useful in determining why it is important for higher education institutions (and the marketing communications firms that they employ) to better communicate their message to students in different subcategories.  On the final day, he presented his findings to several Lipman Hearne employees. 

When asked about his most valuable takeaway from the program, Abdullah stated, “At the extern send-off meeting, all externs were encouraged to find ways to add to the conversation and it was some of the best advice I could have received. Several members of Lipman Hearne were impressed with my ability to intelligently add to projects and meetings in a very professional manner. I didn't shy away from any additional work they gave me or any opportunity they gave me to participate in something.”   

For more information on the Externship Program, please visit the SIU Alumni Association website or stop by the Business Placement Center.