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Externship Series: Theresa Bates, CareerBuilder

April 01, 2014, Emily Morgan


Pictured left to right are College of Business externs Joshua Hahn, Theresa Bates, and Kristina Miller with their coordinator at CareerBuilder.com, Twania Jones

Theresa Bates, a senior management major, spent the week of spring break participating in the Externship Program, sponsored by the SIU Alumni Association and the College of Business.  The company Theresa was matched with was CareerBuilder.com, located in Chicago, IL.  CareerBuilder is an online job site that helps match the right talent with the right opportunity.

Bates was able to shadow various individuals and learn many new things while at CareerBuilder.  She participated in meetings with multiple departments, including inbound sales, outbound sales, marketing, and human resources.  She was able to create her own video presentation about her activities throughout the week, as well as record a video about one takeaway from working at CareerBuilder.  Bates also learned how to leave a video voicemail for clients and was given the task to make one herself. 

Bates said one of the most valuable things she learned through the process was that it is acceptable to ask questions.  All of the staff members she encountered were willing to answer any questions she had and were very helpful.  She said, “The externship program gave me extremely valuable experience in the corporate world that I couldn't get anywhere else. I am really glad I decided to participate in this program because I now have insight on what I think I would like to do in the future.”

For more information on the Externship Program, please visit the SIU Alumni Association website or stop by the Business Placement Center.