Meet SIU Product: Dr. Dena Hale, marketing lecturer at College of Business

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Meet SIU Product: Dr. Dena Hale, lecturer

October 06, 2014, Katja Sonkeng


Meet SIU Product: Dr. Dena Hale,
Lecturer, Department of Marketing

Dr. Dena Hale, a true “product of SIU,” is the newest member of Rehn Hall. She joined the SIU College of Business this semester as a new marketing lecturer. As a former industry consultant and expert in services marketing, she teaches an undergraduate level course in professional selling as well as a promotions management course in the MBA program. The business majors among you may also know her as the current instructor of the “most beloved” yet required statistics FIN 208 course.

Coming from Nova Southeastern University, where Hale held a position as an associate professor of marketing, the department alumnus (Hale earned her BA, M.B.A and Ph.D. in marketing all from SIU) is thrilled about her return to the Carbondale campus. “I understand what it means to be a Saluki. This environment and its people cannot be replicated anywhere,” she said.

Let’s give her a warm welcome. Dena, we are more than happy to have you back in the College of Business and look forward to more successful semesters and FIN 208 courses to come!

Full Interview with Marketing Lecturer Dr. Dena Hale, SIU College of Business

1.) Why did you choose SIU, what specific things attracted you to apply for this position?  I am a product of SIU and I understand what it means to be a Saluki. This environment and its people cannot be replicated anywhere! (I tried...)

2.) In your current position, are you now working closely with former professors and mentors? If so, who would that be?  I have always continued to work with Dr. Altobello; however, I am now looking to reconnect with Dr. Fraedrich and Dr. Knowles for research and career path guidance.

3.) Why did you choose marketing as your profession? Honestly, my first year as an undergraduate here, I took an accounting class, a finance class and a marketing class. That was when I said, “I am a marketing major!”

4.) What are your current research interests? My research umbrella is primarily in Services Marketing and I concentrate on mature consumers or B2B service environments. I also like to conduct pedagogical research, such as POGIL (Process Oriented Guided Inquiry Learning).

5.) Have you recently attended any conferences or meetings to present your research findings? My latest presentation was in 2013 at the Marketing Management Association conference in New Orleans, LA.

6.) What specific skills and talents do you bring to SIU? I have worked in a number of industries as a consultant and via Executive Education. I believe I can bridge theory with practice so that the students can see when the details they are learning fit.

7.) What do you consider to be one of your greatest accomplishments so far? My greatest accomplishment is definitely raising my step-kids and keeping my family together during my education (doctoral program). Without family, none of the other accomplishments would matter.

8.) What are you trying to accomplish during the next couple of years in your position as a marketing lecturer? What we are all looking to accomplish: Creating top-skilled graduates who find value in my classroom and who are ready for the next stage of their career advancement or search.

9.) Do you have any ties with Southern Illinois and Carbondale in particular? Other than being an alumnus of SIU, my ties are to Murphysboro. This is where my husband and his family have lived for many generations. Murphysboro is HOME!