College of Business Students Connect with Employers

Southern Illinois University



College of Business Students Connect with Employers

November 06, 2014, Emily Precht

${image-alt} University Career Fair

Southern Illinois University Carbondale business students took advantage of the Oct. 7 University Career Fair on campus to connect with about 70 employers who participated in the event.

The career fair is a good way for students to network with employers.  It’s one of the initial steps students should take when looking for jobs. For the younger students, it’s a great exploratory tool to look at what options are out there, it gives students a chance to overcome initial nervousness when it comes time to start searching for jobs.

The College of Business also hosted a reception exclusively for its students to further network with a variety of employers. More than 40 students attended the reception and conversed with employers – and faculty and staff members in the College of Business, too – in a more casual atmosphere.

The students prepared for the fair in a number of ways, including attending workshops and working closely with the Business Placement Center. The Business Placement Center staff recommends keeping in mind a number of things when going into the career fair, such as what to wear, how to approach the employer and other important aspects to being successful while at the event.

The biggest key to success for the students is what they do after the career fair to stand out to employers. While the fair is a good place to start, students must continue the interaction with the employers after the on-campus event is over.

Students networked with multiple employers, practiced newly acquired skills and received interviews and jobs – all from attending the University Career Fair.

When asked for some parting words of advice, the Business Placement Center staff says: “Go to the career fairs. It’s never too early, and it’s never too late. If you are nervous at all, visit Rehn 113. We are here to help.”