The College of Business wishes Matt Purdy the best of luck in his new position

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The College of Business wishes Matt Purdy the best of luck in his new position at SIU Career Services

November 10, 2014, Emily Precht

The College of Business wishes Matt Purdy the best of luck in his new position at SIU Career Services. Thank you Matt and keep up the great work!

 Matt Purdy, who began his career with the College of Business in January 2007, is moving on to take a position in SIU Career Services as an employer relations specialist.

The former associate director of the college’s Business Placement Center will be applying his expertise toward making SIU a “must stop” for companies looking to hire smart, talented and hard-working professionals.

“We have such a rich potential market here,” Purdy said. “Students come to college to make a better life for themselves, and I’m thrilled to continue to play a part in that.”

Up until now, Purdy had been focused on keeping the Business Placement Center successful, working primarily career services functions. His responsibilities included assisting student with résumés, interview coaching, career fair prep, salary package reviews, professional headshots and many other career service-related tasks. Purdy also was involved with college events such as the Welcome Back BBQ and the Career Fairs.

Purdy was hired seven years ago to work with Donna Margolis in the placement center solely for the students in the College of Business.

“I am so fortunate to have been able to learn from Donna, and to have her as a mentor and as a friend,” he said. “Very rarely do I have a conversation with her that I don’t learn something that I can use to either improve my performance or the performance of those around me.”

Although he began working for the College of Business in 2007, his time with the college did not start there. He obtained his undergraduate degree at SIU despite a monumental loss in his life.

“As an undergrad I lost my mom unexpectedly, and my professors and friends – especially my Marketing 390 group – rallied around me and kept me going,” Purdy said.

He continued at SIU to earn his graduate degree, then followed that with his hiring at the Business Placement Center. Not long after that, though, he lost his dad. Once again, everyone – including the students – helped him get through a personal tragedy, he said.

Purdy emphasized that the College of Business has taught him so much along the way.

“I don’t know if I can accurately catalog all the things I’ve learned here, but several ‘best practices’ that will follow me wherever I go include providing unbelievable service, making all people feel welcome, having a better appreciation for diverse backgrounds and being a ‘team player’ for all my colleagues across campus,” he said.

So what does being a longtime Saluki mean to Purdy?

“It means the world to me,” he said. “SIU changed my life and opened doors that would have stayed tightly shut had I not taken the initiative to take advantage of the opportunities here. This campus also has a special place in my heart due to all my family members who have attended here.”

The College of Business wishes Purdy the best of luck in his new position. Thank you, Matt, for your hard work and dedication to the college.