SIU graduates look forward to bright futures

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SIU graduates look forward to bright futures

December 11, 2014, Emily Precht


SIU graduates look forward to bright futures

Commencement is a time for celebration – and the next step in life for many students.

Some students enter the working world, obtaining jobs that put the skills they have learned to the test. Others opt to continue their education, continuing on to a master’s degree or Ph.D.

But the one thing almost all graduates have in common is that they are excited – and maybe a little bit nervous – about what the future holds.

Genevieve Phuah, an international senior graduating in management, has mixed feelings about graduation.

“I like the thought of entering into a very new chapter of life, and that this difference will be a much-needed breath of fresh air,” Phuah said. “This can be scary, too, because of all the uncertainties associated with it. I still worry about my job prospects, and whether or not I will gain any real-world working experience in the United States.”

Kaitlin Woodshank, a graduating senior in the School of Accountancy, is eager to graduate. Woodshank, who is graduating with a bachelor’s in accounting, plans to enter the Master of Accountancy (MAcc) program here at Southern Illinois University.

“By continuing my education in accounting, I am preparing myself further for an accounting career, specifically in audit, and working toward earning the CPA credential,” Woodshank said.

Like Woodshank, others chose to further their education, and some of them will be receiving their master’s degrees. One of them, Chimere Onyema, a graduate student in the School of Accountancy, is starting his career as an enterprise risk services (ERS) consultant at Deloitte.

After spending five years in the College of Business, Onyema wants to see a continuous growth in the college’s commitment to student success, providing quality education that can open doors of opportunities for other students, just like it has done for him.

What has helped these students reach graduation day was getting involved and building relationships with their professors. Faculty and staff have been working closely with these graduating students to give them the skills that will help prepare them for life after graduation.

“I think the quality of education at the College of Business is great,” Phuah said. “I enjoyed all my business classes, and I enjoyed how each professor brought something different to the table, each unique in his or her own ways. I never doubted whether or not what I learned would be useful, or that it applied in a real job.”

Please join the College of Business fall 2014 graduates at 1 p.m. Saturday at the SIU arena and cheer them on as they walk across the stage. Donald F. McHenry, who has served as ambassador and United States permanent representative to the United Nations, and as a member of the Cabinet of President Jimmy Carter, will be the keynote speaker at the ceremony.