Endowments: supporting the mission of teaching, research and service

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Endowments: supporting the mission of teaching, research and service

February 06, 2015, Christie Mitchell


Mission and Values at SIU College of Business

The backbone of success at any business college is a strong faculty, and many of the professors at Southern Illinois University Carbondale’s College of Business have been motivated and inspired by the contributions that support endowed positions.

In fact, endowed professorships and fellowships are fundamental tools used by the College of Business to attract, reward and retain faculty who are known throughout academia as “triple threats” (professors who excel in teaching, research and service).

One of these endowed positions, the Hamilton Family Faculty Fellowship in Finance, was established in 2014. Ed Hamilton, a member of the Dean’s External Advisory Board and the Henry J. Rehn Society, established the fund to support outstanding faculty with a commitment to sustain excellence in instruction.

“Two of my sisters, my brother and I all graduated from SIU,” Hamilton said. “Supporting the SIU College of Business is one of our top philanthropic priorities. My hope is that this fellowship helps to attract and retain top-notch educators to the finance department and will elevate the experience for students of the College of Business.”

Xiaoxin Wang Beardsley, an associate professor of finance, was named the first Hamilton Family Faculty Fellow. Upon receiving the fellowship, Beardsley said: “This recognition has motivated me to work harder to conduct cutting-edge research in financial markets, excel in classroom teaching and be of service to the SIU College of Business and my students. I am very grateful for the generosity of Mr. Ed Hamilton, Mrs. Monica Hamilton and family.”

Another endowed position is the Gordon and Sharon Teel Professorship, which was established in 2007 by Gordon Teel, a 1967 graduate in accounting. The Teels are members of the Henry J. Rehn Society, and Mark Peterson, chair and professor of finance, was the first to receive the award. Peterson said he is “honored to carry on the long tradition of excellence at the SIU College of Business.” He also said he is “excited to have been named the first Gordon and Sharon Teel Professor of Finance.”

SIU College of Business Hall of Fame member Gregory A. Lee endowed a professorship in management. The 1972 marketing graduate also serves on the Dean’s External Advisory Board.

“I’ve been very fortunate in my business career, and I’ve benefited greatly from my education and experience at SIUC,” Lee said. “In looking back at my time there, one of the most important things that I benefited directly from was having motivated and inspiring teachers that challenged me to be the best student I could be.”

“Throughout my business career, I’ve observed time and time again how managers that were great teachers often had the highest-performing individuals and teams,” Lee added. “Great teachers are fundamental to any high-performing organization, whether business or academic. This is my opportunity to say thank you to SIU for everything it gave to me. It’s a tremendous privilege to be able to help the business college attract and retain the very best teaching talent. SIU business students deserve no less than I had.”

Steven J. Karau was awarded the professorship in 2011. Karau said receiving this endowment “is a powerful inspiration to strive for excellence in ongoing and future research and reflects very positively on the entire College of Business.”

The College of Business has nine endowed positions, all of which are made possible through donations made to the SIU Foundation. Besides the faculty members previously listed, holders of the other endowed positions include:

  • Marcus Odom      –      Deloitte and Touche Faculty Fellow
  • Jason Greene      –      Henry J. Rehn Professor of Finance
  • Royce Burnett     –      KPMG Research Professor
  • John Fraedrich    –      James N Jannetides Professor of Business Ethics
  • William McKinley –      Henry J. Rehn Professor of Management
  • Ed O’Donnell       –      Emerson Groennert Professor of Accountancy

The college is eternally grateful to the families and corporations that have made it possible to endow these positions and support its world-class faculty. The leadership, faculty, staff and students thank you for strengthening our ability to inspire lives and transform business.

For more information on how you can contribute to the SIU College of Business, please contact Jill Gobert at jillg@foundation.siu.edu or visit business.siu.edu/contributors.