CoB Students at St. Louis Chapter of Internal Auditors Student Night

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Students get involved at St. Louis Chapter of Internal Auditors Student Night

March 05, 2015, Emily Precht

${image-alt} CoB students at St. Louis Chapter of Internal Auditors Student Night 2015

Southern Illinois University College of Business students made their way to St. Louis in February to participate in the St. Louis Chapter of Internal Auditors Student Night. The event took place at the Hilton St. Louis Frontenac and was open to university students from Missouri and Illinois, with SIU being one of the largest groups in attendance.

The event allowed students to network with professionals from a variety of auditing backgrounds, and it showcased the diverse career paths within auditing.

The night opened with a reception in which students were welcomed with dinner and the opportunity to mingle with students from other universities. They then participated in a five-minute “speed networking” session with the professionals in attendance.

Later, a guest speaker spoke on the importance of etiquette in the auditing profession, and the night ended with students visiting a variety of booths from professionals and firms. This allowed students to network, share their résumés and learn more about the opportunities within the profession. Representatives from 20 companies shared their collective knowledge and experience with the students.

Dr. Marcus Odom, a professor in accounting at SIU, was one of the faculty members to attend the event with the students. Odom explained that SIU always has a large presence at the Internal Auditors Student Night, and that has allowed the university to develop a very good reputation with the St. Louis chapter due to the quality of students who participate. This, in turn, provides SIU students with the opportunity to excel in the professional industry.

“We strongly encourage students to participate in these types of events starting their freshman year, because the experience they gain will benefit them in all future meetings with professionals,” Odom said.

Johnny Myrick, a graduate student in accounting, was one of those students who felt it was important to attend the event. Myrick was able to improve his networking and leadership skills by attending Student Night.

“Everything that was told to us about professional etiquette, SIU’s College of Business proves to be ahead of the game and up to par on all professional aspects,” Myrick said. “It was important to attend this event because it gives us the experience to talk to recruiters and seek out different job opportunities available in the St. Louis area, giving us exposure to the top-tier companies and regional level firms.”

Odom emphasized why it’s important for student to get involved in events outside the classroom by saying, “Getting involved in any opportunity to improve your networking skills and your professionalism is always a good thing.”

It’s safe to say that the SIU students left their mark on the St. Louis Chapter of Internal Auditors Student Night – and they certainly left an impression on the faculty who attended.

“I will put our students up against any other university that attends the event,” Odom said.