FIG students en route to the place where dreams come true

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FIG students en route to the place where dreams come true

April 18, 2015, Emily Precht


FIG student Jared Nicholas

Jared Nicholas, a first-year College of Business student double majoring in accounting and German, and nine other FIG students are taking a trip of a lifetime at the end of the semester.

The FIG students came up with the idea to take a trip to Disney, hoping to gain real-world experiences that will help them grow as individuals. The group has raised around $3,500 for the trip, which will provide the students with transportation, housing and the opportunity to participate in the College Edition: Disney’s Youth Education Series.

The program helps college students develop the necessary skills to become the business leaders of tomorrow. The FIG students will gain insights into a leaders role in creating and supporting an environment that stimulates and encourages creativity within a team, as once modeled by Walt himself.

Jill Gebke, assistant dean of the College of Business, has helped pave the path to the magical land of Disney for these students. Gebke worked closely with the group on a proposal to Jason Greene, interim dean of the College of Business, to move forward with this opportunity.

Some of the donors include the School of Accountancy; Royce Burnette, director of the School of Accountancy; and other faculty, staff and alumni.

These FIG students also developed a clever fundraiser to help get them to Disney: their Coffee Fundraiser. They personally deliver coffee from Starbucks to students, faculty and staff each week. Whether you are in the mood for a coffee that week or want to place a weekly order, these students have made it easy to do so.

“The trip is so close and becoming very real at this point,” Nicholas said.

With the trip being a little over a month away, the students are preparing for the adventures they have been planning for all semester.