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SIU College of Business Funds Four Faculty Research Grants

August 05, 2015, Christie Mitchell


A vital part of the Southern Illinois University College of Business’ mission is to support and celebrate discovery that pushes the boundaries of what is known and what has been done. The college strives to recruit, develop and retain high-quality faculty, and to continue a tradition of knowledge creation through the production of basic and applied research with real business and societal impact.

In support of the mission, the college awarded four Summer Faculty Research Grants (SFRG) in 2015. SFRGs are intended to assist faculty in establishing or maintaining high-quality research programs. To qualify for the grant, awardees must show that their research has the potential to contribute to the field of study as well as the growth of the researcher. The final product must also have the potential for publication in a top-tier journal or other outlet.

This year’s awardees and their research topics were:

  • Terry Clark, professor of marketing, “Corporate Governance, Shareholder Value and Embedded Ethics”
  • Saiying Deng, assistant professor of finance, “Regional Innovation, Bank Holding Company Value and Risk”
  • John Goodale, associate professor of management, “The Moderating Effect of Knowledge Intensity on the Relationship Between Service Frim Diversification and Firm Performance”
  • Marcus Odom, professor of accountancy and Deloitte & Touche Faculty Fellow, “Understanding How Juror Judgments Are Formulated:  The Effects on Audit Litigation”

Proposals were evaluated by a committee of college faculty appointed by the dean. Funds to support the SFRGs are provided by revenue from the college’s online programs.