Exceptional hard work and accomplishments honored with awards

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Exceptional hard work and accomplishments honored with awards

September 11, 2015, Katja Sonkeng

${image-alt} Michael Haywood (left) and Joe Pineau

The College of Business recognized the service, dedication and excellence of six individuals at the 2015 Faculty and Staff Awards ceremony. Among them were Joe Pineau and Michael L. Haywood Sr., who were honored with the Outstanding Service Awards. Both have been part of the College of Business for more than two decades.

Pineau, an academic advisor for the College of Business at Southern Illinois University Carbondale, is particularly pleased about the award. He said it shows that “there is somebody who thought I was doing a good job.”

The last time the native New Yorker won the award was 24 years ago – along with none other than Haywood, director of the SIU College of Business Office of Minority Affairs.

“I am humbled to receive the award from the college,” Haywood said. “The credit goes to my staff for the great job they do. I have a great team, and any award that I receive is not solely due to me. It is due to the people that work with me.”

Each year, the SIU College of Business recognizes excellence and hard work by faculty and staff with the unveiling of several awards as nominated and selected by various awards committees. Besides the two-time award winners Haywood and Pineau, four additional awards were given out. The recipients included:

  • Greg Hoffeditz, lecturer in the department of management (Outstanding Term Faculty Award).
  • Xiaoxin Beardsley, associate professor of finance (Outstanding Undergraduate Teacher of the Year).
  • Ka Mei “Vivian” Chen (Outstanding Student Worker Service Award).
  • Wanli Zhao, associate professor of finance and faculty advisor of the SIU Financial Management Association (Outstanding Researcher of the Year Award).

For Zhao, a native of China, the award not only is a great honor, but most importantly it is a “manifest of appreciation from the college and the administration.” As Zhao is highly driven by his students’ feedback and improvement, he further considers the award as yet another reason to continue sharing his research findings with his students while empowering them to think independently.

The SIU College of Business congratulates all the award winners on their accomplishments.