As the academic year ends, the SIU CoB looks to bright future

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As the academic year ends, the SIU College of Business looks to bright future

May 16, 2016, Svetlana Bondar

${image-alt} Students' education and professional futures continue to be a priority for the College of Business

Despite ongoing concerns among SIU Carbondale students about the future of the university, given the budget issues at the state level, the SIU College of Business continuously reassures its students that it is here to stay and will continue to invest in their education and academic experiences.

In fact, the College of Business continues to grow and develop. In the fall of the current academic year, the college celebrated a new addition to its student organizations: the SIU chapter of the American Production and Inventory Control Society (APICS). SIU is one of just eight universities in all of Illinois to have an APICS student chapter. APICS is the premier association for supply chain and operations management professionals and is the leading provider of research, education and certification programs for supply chain excellence and innovation. SIU APICS is open to undergraduate and graduate students interested in supply chain and operations management careers, and it has been gaining a lot of attention from the college’s students over the past year.

The College of Business also has introduced a new academic program in collaboration with the College of Agriculture Sciences Starting in the fall, the college will offer a new online MBA concentration in agriculture business economics.

According to associate professor of finance Xiaoxin Wang Beardsley, director of master programs in the college and a Hamilton Family Faculty Fellow: “My vision is not only to continue the current success of the graduate programs, but also to further extend and broaden it, as well as increase our reach to domestic and international students.”

The college continues to increase the number of interdisciplinary programs it offers. Other ongoing creative projects include the launch of a new concurrent degree program – a mass communication and media arts professional media and management degree – with Mass Communications and Media Arts and the College of Business.

“The future of education is changing quickly, so we have to be very creative in coming up with ways to build on the current success of our programs and fulfill an ever-changing demand that exists,” said Jeffery Reece, director of recruitment and admissions for the college’s graduate programs.

Other activities of the college include the search for a new director of Minority Affairs to replace Michael Haywood who retired in December. In the meantime, two professional staff members – Jeff McGoy, assistant dean of students, and Tarnisha Green, director of Success in Engineering through Success and Diversity – are continuing to serve students and are available to meet for academic coaching, dialogue and guidance.

Earlier this semester, the college completed renovating the first floor of Rehn Hall. Those renovations improved the interior design and lighting, and introduced such technological upgrades as informational digital displays and the stock market ticker.

The interim dean of the College of Business, Jason Greene, also assures students that their education and professional futures will continue to be a priority for the school. “The SIU College of Business is committed to fulfilling its long-term mission of education, research and service,” he said. “We have had many great accomplishments this past year despite the budget situation and we will continue to invest in our students and their experience here at the CoB.”