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2016 Student Etiquette Dinner

October 05, 2016, Chelsea Kujawa


Dean Terry Clark having a conversation with students at the Etiquette Dinner.

The College of Business hosted its annual Student Etiquette Dinner Sept. 29. Thanks to the generous support of the college’s advisory boards and alumni, the dinner was a successful learning experience for students.          

More than 150 individuals attended the event. Students began the evening at a reception where they learned how to make proper introductions, initiate appropriate conversation starters and worked on their networking techniques. A three-course meal provided by Mary’s Restaurant from Herrin, Illinois, followed the reception.          

During the dinner, Melenie Broyles of Etiquette Saint Louis provided students with the do’s and don’ts of proper manners. Broyles founded Etiquette Saint Louis 10 years ago to emphasize that having manners means more than knowing which fork to use at the dinner table. Broyles understands that etiquette is a sensitive topic, but she has found ways to use humor to make it more fun.           

“Etiquette is not about impressing people,” Broyles said. “It is bout kindness, courtesy, and respect in every part of our daily lives.” 

The event was funded by the generous support of the college’s alumni, board members and corporate partners. The college thanks all of the sponsors for their support to make this program possible.

The event sponsors included: 

Premier Event Sponsors

  • Walt and Janet Schroeder 

Table Sponsors

  • Commerce Bank
  • Steve Goepfert
  • Tom Harmon
  • Elizabeth Kepuraitis
  • Northwestern Mutual
  • Sunil K. and Rupali Sinha
  • Drew Stoker
  • The Boeing Company
  • Don Welge 

Student Sponsors

  • Sally and Jack Buckley
  • Rich Klassen
  • Beth Mueller
  • Howard and Karri Spiegel 

The college also wants to extend its gratitude to members of the Etiquette Dinner Committee members for making this event possible though their time, dedication and hard work.