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2016 Accounting Career Fair

October 06, 2016, Chelsea Kujawa


The College of Business’s Annual School of Accountancy Career Fair took place on Sept. 22 at the SIU Arena.

The career fair was geared toward accounting students who are seeking internships or full-time positions upon graduation or networking with employers. Recruiters, students, faculty and staff got a chance to socialize and network with each other.

Austin Miller, a freshman studying accountancy, said he attended the career fair. 

“More and more people are telling us that businesses are setting their eyes on freshman, and that we have a chance at an internship this summer.”

“If I don’t get any interviews for internships, I am at least hoping to get my name out to some of the businesses to spark some interest because networking is the key to future offers,” he said.

Chunying Quan, a senior studying accountancy, attended the accounting career fair for the first time in hopes of getting an internship or externship opportunity.

“No matter what the result is, talking to the people who are working as accountants now and being able to talk to peers who have the same goals will be my treasure,” Quan said.

“I think it is not too early to gain any experiences during college because those are the times we have courage to face any challenges, and the times we could make some mistakes in order to make progress. And I always believe that opportunities are for people who are always prepared.”

Katelynn Cook, a junior studying accountancy, attend the accounting career fair for the first time. After talking to Danna Lewis in the Business Placement Center, Cook decided to attend the career fair.

“I attended to see potential firms that I could work for, and hoping to get more information on these firms,” Cook said. “I’m working on getting an internship to better equip me for after college.”

There were numerous companies in attendance, as well as multiple résumé boxes in place for companies who could not attend the fair.

The companies at the event:

  • Anders CPA
  • Archer Daniels Midland Co.
  • Becker CPA Review
  • Blythe White
  • Deloitte
  • Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
  • Kemper CPA Group LLP
  • Mueller Prost PC
  • Nucor
  • Pepsi MidAmerica
  • Pricewaterhouse Coopers
  • RubinBrown LLP
  • Sikich LLP
  • US Department of HHSOIG Office of Audit Services
  • Williams Williams & Lentz LLP

The day after the event, the annual School of Accountancy Golf Scramble took place at Jackson County Country Club. The golf scramble was a networking event for accounting students, current faculty, former faculty, professionals, School of Accountancy alumni and friends.