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Good Luck, Joe Pineau!

October 14, 2016, Chelsea Kujawa

${image-alt} Pictured from Left to Right: Bridgette Sargent, Kim Little, Joe Pineau, and Emily Morgan

For a quarter-century, Joe Pineau inspired students in SIU Carbondale’s College of Business to do their best.

Pineau, who recently retired from his post as an academic advisor in the College of Business, made it his mission to push students to be prepared for their advisement appointments – and to take responsibility for their academic careers, too. He always was ready to start a conversation and help students in any way he could.

“Joe was a fixture in the College of Business serving in the graduate programs office and in undergraduate advisement,” said Assistant Dean Jill Gebke. “He is well-known with students as being light-hearted and jovial.”

Pineau has worn several hats during his employment at SIU. In 2002 he held the position of MBA coordinator.

His dedication to the College of Business has not gone unnoticed. Each year the college recognizes excellence and hard work by faculty and staff with the unveiling of several awards, as nominated and selected by various award committees, and Pineau received the Outstanding Service Award twice: in 1992 and again in 2015.

After winning the award for the second time, Pineau said “This award shows that there is somebody who thought I was doing a good job.” 

“In the office, he was the person who knew a little bit about everything,” Gebke said. “He would often share a joke or trivia of the day, pushed the student workers to learn movie facts from past classics, and was an all-around happy person who made people laugh.”

“Working with Joe was such a good time, even in the most stressful of times,” said Bridgette Sargent, the college’s chief academic advisor. “He always had a way to make things fun, from decorating our office with Pokémon characters during the Pokémon Go craze, to his daily random Joe 101 facts, and daily updates during the Iditarod. I learned so much from Joe, mostly random knowledge, but still, learned so much. Our students loved him and the camaraderie they had with him. He has definitely left a space that will be impossible to fill and we miss him so, so much.”

“There is a palpable sense of loss, especially in student services, since Joe Pineau’s retirement,” said Kim Little, the college’s director of undergraduate online student services. “Joe’s knowledge of his profession, care for his students, gregarious spirit, humor and straightforward style is unrivaled. Joe encouraged us to take time to communicate and he provided thought-provoking conversations that kept us thinking and learning. He quietly and humbly attended various events to recognize and support students and co-workers. It has been an honor to work alongside him.”

“To me, Joe is more than an advisor,” said Noppadol “Champ” Tuksakulvith, one of Pineau’s students. “Joe is someone who I can go talk to and have a good conversation. We have a common interest, which is baseball. Every time when I went to see him for appointments, it always ended up being five minutes of what classes I was supposed to take and the remaining 25 minutes would be discussing baseball or anything Joe would bring up. Joe has his signature laugh, so we knew when he was in the office. Personally, you couldn’t go to see Joe without leaving with a smile!”

“Joe is one of a kind,” said Emily Morgan, who served as an advisor alongside Pineau. “Our staff and our students in the college miss him like crazy. He’s definitely irreplaceable!”

“Joe was the guy you went to see for anything,” said 2016 Olympian Deanna Price. “There were even times I would schedule an appointment with him just to go in and talk for an hour. He will always be a good friend of mine. Whenever I had issues with scheduling for my athletic and academic careers, Joe always made sure that everything worked out.”

Pineau had a love for all things Disney, which was apparent from his many trips to Disney. Pineau was a soccer official. He always had updated information on World Cup soccer, which many of the students loved to discuss with him.

Pineau said he is looking forward to his time as a retiree, but the family name will still be circulating in the college: His daughter, Hannah, is studying accounting at SIU Carbondale.

Pineau was a one-of-a-kind advisor and his legacy in the College of Business will live on. Everyone in the college wishes you the best of luck, Joe. We miss you and hope that you will visit us soon. Always remember: Once a Saluki, Always a Saluki!