Management Professor Wins High Award for Operations Management Research

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Management Professor Wins Prestigious Award for Operations Management Research

November 04, 2016, Christie Mitchell

John Goodale received the 2016
Ambassador Award from the Journal
of Operations Management.

John Goodale, Department of Management, recently received the 2016 Ambassador Award from the Journal of Operations Management (JOM).

The award was presented at the 2016 annual meeting of the Academy of Management.

Goodale and three co-authors received the award for their 2011 paper, titled “Operations Management and Corporate Entrepreneurship: The moderating effect of operations control on the antecedents of corporate entrepreneurial activity in relation to innovation performance.” The award is given to a paper published in JOM that is widely cited in literature across academic disciplines over the previous five years (2011-2015).

The article addresses the interaction of operations control and corporate entrepreneurial activity. On the surface, these two concepts may seem inherently contradictory. Goodale and his co-authors dug into this relationship, and found a complex set of effects. Their results supported the proposition that managers can hinder innovation performance with operations control. On the other hand, there was strong evidence to support that managers effectively manage operations control variables in order to bolster innovation performance. Goodale believes that inter-disciplinary research between Operations Management and Entrepreneurship is an area with great research potential.

“Anytime you are recognized by JOM, it is an honor,” Goodale said.

He said he feels that the editors and editorial board at JOM are very dedicated and work hard to make it the highest quality publication it can be. It is considered the premier outlet for empirical research in Operations Management.

“In addition, writing this paper provided me with an opportunity to work, again, with very good people,” Goodale said. “A lot of the credit for this award goes to my co-authors. This is the third article the co-authors have written together.

Goodale looks for three factors when he is deciding on a research topic:

  • It must connect to industry practice.
  • It must be a topic he finds extremely interesting.
  • He must be knowledgeable about the current literature.

Goodale said his goal is to have his research lead to contributions in academics, industry, and in the classroom. He said he enjoys the responsibility that comes with teaching at a research institution, and it’s one of the reasons he chose to come to Southern Illinois University. It is important to Goodale that the students at SIU have access to faculty members who are experts in their fields and industries. He said a focus on research helps faculty members maintain the most up-to-date industry knowledge.

“Being a research university is significant because it ensures we have engaged faculty members trying to create knowledge,” Goodale said. “The work of attempting to publish research challenges us to have the deepest understanding and insight within our areas of expertise.”

Goodale is an associate professor of Management and the Director of MBA Programs. He joined the SIU College of Business in 2009. Goodale’s co-authors for this paper were Donald F. Kuratko (Indiana University), Jeffrey S. Hornsby (University of Missouri-Kansas City) and Jeffrey G. Covin (Indiana University).