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RSO Spotlight: Business Leadership Council

October 28, 2016, Chelsea Kujawa

${image-alt} Pictured from Left to Right: Courtney Lucas BLC president; Ghadeer Alabdullah, Fitness Instructor; Veronica Kleber, Fitness Instructor; Blake Bussie; Katie Kovic

The Business Leadership Council is the umbrella organization for all College of Business registered student organizations. The organization consists of one representative from each of the 15 student organizations and one general representative of the student body.

The Business Leadership Council’s goal is to work for the betterment of the students and RSOs within the college and assist the students of the college. It does this by coordinating among the RSOs within the college, increasing student involvement with the College of Business providing leadership opportunities.

“The Business Leadership Council assists the dean’s office to improve the College of Business while also providing a link between the students and faculty,” said Courtney Lucas, president of the Business Leadership Council. “We want the students to be involved as much as possible in the college and the Business Leadership Council can provide the opportunity by bringing together all the college’s RSOs. As a RSO, we want to better the students in the College of Business as well as provide them a voice. We want to ensure that the students are heard and that they fully enjoy their experience as a College of Business student at Southern Illinois University.”

The Business Leadership Council works carefully to ensure that all of the college’s RSOs are cooperative and brought together to make the college better.

“A representative from each of the RSO attends the meetings on a weekly basis,” Lucas said. “At each meeting, the representative will give me an update on what their RSO has done in the past week and what they will be doing in the future. This provides insight on how the organizations are doing in the college. Students that are not part of another RSO gets the chance to network with representatives of different organizations and get more involved with the college during the meetings.”

The Business Leadership Council is involved with many events throughout the year, including Zumba for Hope, Homecoming, Career Enhancement Week and Big Dawg Olympics. The organization is very active and is striving to be an even bigger voice within the college and school community.

“In the past, the Business Leadership Council has held a Business Idol competition where students can get critiqued on their interviews, résumés and business professional dress to prepare for their careers after they graduate,” Lucas said. “We have also participated in numerous community service activities like donating food and clothing items to the Good Samaritan House. During the school year, we give our members a chance to get their headshot professionally taken. We encourage our members to attend a LinkedIn workshop to learn about the professional social media site. Something new that we have done this semester was assisting the dean’s office with selling College of Business apparel.”

On Oct. 20, the Business Leadership Council hosted its Zumba for Hope Event in the Student Recreation Center. The event raised money for the Southern Illinois Healthcare Cancer Institute.

“Zumba for Hope is a fundraising community service activity in which the Business Leadership Council raises funds through T-shirt sales, raffle tickets and donations for the Southern Illinois Healthcare Cancer Institute through their ‘Hope is Home’ campaign,” Lucas said. “Many individuals who had cancer and their families, thought that they had to travel far to get treatment for their illness. The Southern Illinois Healthcare system has the expertise to treat many of the patients, but it does not have a facility for cancer-specific services. All of the money donated to the Southern Illinois Healthcare Cancer Institute will go toward building onto a facility to help treat cancer patients in neighboring towns around Carbondale.”

The year’s Zumba for Hope event raised money for the Southern Illinois Healthcare Cancer Institute to support its project.

“The event had over 100 people in attendance supporting the cause,” Lucas said. “The Business Leadership Council raised money to donate to the Southern Illinois Healthcare Cancer Institute, and many of the funds came from the generosity of other organizations on campus as well as community members.”

For more information or how to become a member of the Business Leadership Council, please contact Courtney Lucas at Business Leadership Council meetings take place on Wednesdays at 5:00 p.m. in Rehn 108. Membership for this RSO is free.