Graduation: The Beginning of New Adventures for Former Students

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Graduation: The Beginning of New Adventures for Former Students

December 19, 2016, Chelsea Kujawa


College of Business Graduates standing together at graduation.

December graduation took place Dec. 17 at SIU Arena, marking the end to a successful semester for students. Howard A. Peters III, president of HAP, Inc., was the keynote speaker at the ceremony. HAP is a consulting, strategy and advocacy service that assists clients in pursuit of business goals primarily in the areas of criminal justice, human services, and health care. Peters also serves as a criminal justice consultant and expert witness.

Saturday was a special day for individuals who walked across the stage to receive the degrees they have worked diligently to earn, and some graduates shared their thoughts about the time they spent in the College of Business over the past few years.

Dylan Meggs, from Gorham, Illinois, graduated with a bachelor’s degree in business administration, and he credited the college for preparing him for his career.

“The College of Business taught me well enough to consult long time business owners on how to improve various facets of their business,” Meggs said. “This knowledge has made my bosses glad to have me around. The College of Business has shown me my potential and given me the tools to reach that potential.”

Timothy Kincaide, from Chicago, also graduated with a bachelor’s degree in business administration.

“The College of Business is unique because its online program staff is everything,” Kincaide said. “They are extremely helpful and supportive on every level. They want you to succeed, and the program also gives you the flexibility you need. I am really surprised by how many great people have graduated from Southern Illinois University including, Walt Frazier, Bart Scott, Dick Gregory and Kim Foxx.”

Nico Marjorczyk, from Dortmund, Germany, graduated with a Master of Business Administration degree and credited the college for preparing him for career success.

“I was able to grow throughout my studies here at the College of Business,” Marjorczyk said. “I was able to develop my full potential of skills to figure out and set my plans for what I will be doing after graduation. The college helped prepare me for my career by allowing me to be able to talk to my professors. They helped me a lot, especially by forcing me to do my best during classes. This helped me to grow. Now I know that communication is the key for everything, especially for success in life.”

The three graduates also shared their plans for after graduation.

Meggs said he is applying for tech sales jobs in the Austin, Texas, area.

“I just accepted an offer at BMO Harris Bank in Chicago,” Kincaide said. “I will be working as a Grade 4 relationship banker in hopes to moving up to branch manager within the next three years.”

“After graduation, I will go back to Germany,” Marjorczyk said. “In March 2017 I will start as a consultant in Ernst & Young in Switzerland. The area will be advisory risk – risk assurance.”

The former students also shared some advice for those who are still pursuing their degrees.

“Find what mutual excitement and interest you have with your professors,” Meggs said. “Let them help you learn more than your classes require. You won’t regret it.”

“Don’t give up,” Kincaide said. There is always a way! The struggle will bring about a great return!”

“Continue to be involved within the college,” Marjorczyk added. “Don’t make any bad decisions when a situation is getting difficult. If you learn to deal with difficult situations as well, you can grow – and it can assist you in being successful in your future career.”

The College of Business wishes the best of luck to all of those students who are preparing to pursue their dreams. Always remember: Once a Saluki, always a Saluki!