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The Importance of Summer Internships

May 11, 2017, Chelsea Kujawa

${image-alt} Students discussing summer internships in the Business Placement Center.

Summer internships are important for students of any level in college, as they give students an opportunity to gain real world experience and to apply what they have learned in the classroom.

To that end, the Business Placement Center has a variety of resources available for students, including Connect2Careers, career counseling, business career tools, and much more.

Connect2Careers is a system that allows current students and alumni access to internships, full-time positions, interview schedules, employer presentations and other events. Students need to build their profile and upload their résumés so employers can view their information. This system also allows students to search for jobs and internships, as well as certain employers.

Danna Lewis, director of the Business Placement Center, explained the importance of a College of Business student to have a summer internship.

“Students who have an internship are 62 percent more likely to have a job at graduation –and, on average, will make $10,000 more during their first year of employment, than students who did not complete an internship,” Lewis said. “They can also help you identify what direction you would like your career to take, as well as building your connections in the business world.”

“Students should begin preparing for a summer internship in the fall semester,” she added. “Students can begin this preparation by having their résumés reviewed, talking with their advisor to see how this fits into their academic plan, and by visiting with employers at the fall career fair and at the Business Placement Center.”

“My advice for students who are interested in a summer internship is to be willing to step outside of your comfort zone, and to take an internship that challenges you. You should also plan early to ensure that everything is in place before it is time to start your internship.”

For more information visit the Business Placement Center in Rehn Hall or the website at