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Senior Spotlight on Marshon Tucker

October 27, 2017, Franchesca Alejo


Marshon Tucker is a senior this fall pursuing his bachelor’s in Business Management with the specialization of Entrepreneurship. He came to SIU because growing up in Chicago, he saw advertisements of the university on buses and billboards. His cousin, Kevin, was also a SIU student at that time and influenced his decision to come to Carbondale.

Marshon originally studied civil engineering but after enjoying his business management minor classes more, he changed his major.

“I needed to find out what I was good at, what I loved and what I wanted to do.”

When speaking about his overall experience at SIU, Marshon shared that it has allowed him to be a more well- rounded individual. His involvement in different clubs such as the Black Male Round Table and the Alpha Kappa Psi fraternity taught him the art of building relationships with people of all backgrounds.

“There are so many different cultures here on campus I always want to learn about,” said Marshon.

Marshon currently works at the College of Business in the front desk for the management, marketing, and accounting departments.

“I’m technically the gate keeper. When anyone comes in, I’m the guy that directs them where to go,” he said

He believes it is a privilege to work alongside the professors and staff members because he gets to know them on a personal level and they have so much knowledge to share.

“They start talking to you, not just about class, but about life in general. I think those conversations are some of the best parts of working at the front desk,” he said.

He is also very grateful for Diane Frew, his boss at the CoB, who has helped him learn to manage his time and build professional skills.  

“She shows me a lot of love and care. She knows we have school, work, and our personal lives and she helps us all become better,” Marshon said.

Marshon is set on having already started his investment firm before graduating. Once that is accomplished, he will reach out to other sectors and grow his business so that he can give back to SIU.

“I want to bring more businesses to Carbondale because I believe it is a special city. I want my firm incorporated in Carbondale and to build a relationship with SIU so that I can hire people straight from the university. I think everyone can win from something like that,” Marshon said.

His advice to other students is to, “Get involved in the stuff you love, even if it has nothing to do with your major so you can make your college experience special and entirely your own.”


When asked what his favorite dessert was Marshon answered, “Cheesecake.”

He has completely memorized all the words to the song, “Say Hello” by Jay- Z.

If he didn’t have to sleep, Marshon would be very productive with his free time. “I would probably split that time between studying for my trading stuff and planning out the next day.” He also mentioned that he would have to tend to some nutritional needs as well.

“I’d probably get hungry and need something to eat. One of my favorite meals is Caesar Salad with chicken so I might eat that a lot.”

One of the memories he knows will stay with him about his time at SIU will be the solar eclipse.

“I was at the arena. I saw the whole thing. The atmosphere was my favorite. People from everywhere came to one spot, with one thing they all wanted to see. They all came together and it just worked out. There was so much love, positivity and excitement.”

When asked about the moment that the eclipse was at totality he was amazed.

“It was like looking at a diamond. I couldn’t believe it, it was like the end of the world was happening, something so surreal.”