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CoB in the News – Nwamaka (Amaka) Anaza

November 07, 2017, Christie Mitchell


Ask the Experts

Nwamaka (Amaka) Anaza

Assistant Professor of Marketing at Southern Illinois University Carbondale College of Business

Why doesn’t every credit card company let you add a custom photo to your card?

Given the changing times, I believe that credit card companies should allow consumers to customize their own cards. Research shows that customization is beneficial to both the company and customer. For consumers, it personalizes their cards. With your picture on your card, it stands out and lets everyone know that a particular card belongs to you. The more personal a card is to a customer, the more they will patronize the company. The key here is differentiation. Customizing credit cards allows customers to further differentiate themselves from the bunch -- and who doesn’t love that?

Is a photo credit card just a novelty?

In the U.S., it is still a novelty idea.

Can having a photo on your credit card help prevent fraud?

Absolutely. Just like a driver’s license is used as a form of personal identification, having a photo on your credit card can act as a facial identifier, that deters fraudulent people from posing as the cardholder.

How do credit card companies stop people from putting inappropriate photos on their cards?

One way is to ensure that the picture is purely a passport photo. This way the picture is initially restricted to the face and is sized as 2 X 2 inches (51 X 51 mm). This should limit inappropriate pictures.

You can find information about ordering a credit card with your photo on WalletHub.