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Saiying Deng

Associate Professor of Finance

Saiying Deng

Rehn Hall, 126A
Office: 618 | 453-1418
Dept: 618 | 453-2459
Fax: 618 | 453-5626

Saiying Deng, associate professor of finance, joined the College of Business at SIU in Spring 2009. Deng joined SIU because of the stimulating research environment, and the productive and friendly colleagues at the Department of Finance as well as the college.

Deng regularly teaches Financial Markets (FIN 341), Management of Financial Institutions (FIN 449), and Financial Institutions and Markets (BA 532). “I wholeheartedly embrace academia as I can exercise intellectual curiosity, interact with students and make a positive impact on their lives,” she said.

Deng earned her Ph.D. in Finance from Temple University in 2005. She was a faculty member at University of Minnesota-Duluth from 2005-2008 before joining SIU.


  • Banking
  • Empirical corporate finance
  • Debt contracting


“Loan Sales and Accounting Conservatism”, with Yutao Li, Gerald Lobo, and Pei Shao, 2017. Contemporary Accounting Research, forthcoming.

“Derivatives-hedging, Risk Allocation and the Cost of Debt: Evidence from Bank Holding Companies”, with Elyas Elyasiani, and Connie X. Mao, 2016. The Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance, forthcoming.

"Geography and Local (Dis)advantage: Evidence from Muni Bond Funds”, with David Rakowski, 2015. The Quarterly Journal of Finance, forthcoming.

“The SEC’s Elimination of 20-F Reconciliation and Information Asymmetry”, with Lucy H. Chen, Parveen Gupta, and Heibatollah Sami, 2015. Journal of Contemporary Accounting & Economics 11, 75-87.

“Shareholder Litigation, Reputational Loss, and Bank Loan Contracting", with Richard Willis and Li Xu, 2014. Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis 49 (4), 1101-1132.

“Beyond clusters: How Regional Geographic Signature Affects Firm Value and Risk”, with Geoffrey Bell, 2013. The Canadian Journal of Administrative Sciences 30, 71-85 (lead article).

-Honorable mention for the 2013 Best Paper Award in Canadian Journal of Administrative Sciences.

“Institutional Ownership, Diversification and Riskiness of Bank Holding Companies”, with Elyas Elyasiani, and Jingyi Jia, 2013. The Financial Review 48 (3), 385-415.

"Geographic Diversification, Bank Holding Company Firm Value and Risk", with Elyas Elyasiani, 2008. Journal of Money, Credit, and Banking 40(6): 1217-1238.

"Diversification and Cost of Debt of Bank Holding Companies", with Elyas Elyasiani and Connie X. Mao, 2007. Journal of Banking and Finance 31: 2453-2473.


  • Summer Faculty Research Grant, Southern Illinois University, College of Business, 2015 and 2014
  • Best Paper (Semi-finalist), Financial Management Association, 2014
  • Outstanding Researcher of the Year, Southern Illinois University, College of Business, 2014
  • Honorable mention for the 2013 Best Paper Award in Canadian Journal of Administrative Sciences.
  • Faculty Seed Grant, Southern Illinois University, 2012
  • Best Paper (Semi-finalist), European Financial Management Association, 2011
  • Best Paper (Semi-finalist), Financial Management Association, 2010
  • Research, Scholarly and Creative Activity Award, Southern Illinois University, 2009
  • Chancellor's Faculty Small Research Grant, University of Minnesota-Duluth, 2005-2008
  • Financial Management Association Doctoral Student Consortium participant, 2004