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Cheryl Burke Jarvis

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Cheryl Burke Jarvis displays a true passion for the Southern Illinois University College of Business and its faculty.

“I really enjoy the warm, collegial environment,” she says. “This is a campus with a heart. People love working and living here, and it shows in the quality of both their work in the classroom and their work in creating new knowledge through cutting-edge research.”

Jarvis came to the College of Business in the fall of 2009 from Arizona State University, where she was a faculty member for nine years. She served as chair of the Department of Marketing from 2012 to 2014 and was named associate dean in 2014.

Jarvis teaches two online classes, Promotions Management (MKTG 363) and Advertising Management (MKTG 463), as well as Services Marketing (MKTG 489) and a doctoral seminar, Research Methods (BA 552). Having worked for a variety of firms in the publishing, advertising and public relations industries, Jarvis understands the complexities of marketing.

At ASU, Jarvis was named a member of the Research Faculty for the Center for Services Leadership, which is the world’s premiere research center in services marketing and management. In 2013, the Journal of Service Research named her “Reviewer of the Year” and appointed her as its associate editor. She has served on the editorial reviewer board of that journal, and of the Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, for several years.

Born and raised in Bryan, Texas, Jarvis’ studies and life’s travels have landed her in places such as upstate New York, Colorado, Indiana and Arizona. She truly enjoys the environment within the College of Business – an environment she says makes it easy to come to work each morning.

“There’s an energy and excitement here that makes it a joy to come to work every day,” she says.

Jarvis earned her bachelor’s (1986) degree and a master’s (1995) degree from Texas A&M University, where her father taught for 38 years. She earned a second master’s (1997) degree, as well as her Ph.D. in marketing (1999) from Indiana University.


  • Improving our understanding of customer relationships and relationship failure and recovery
  • The interaction of frontline employees and customers in the coproduction and delivery of services
  • Improving analytical methodologies used in marketing research


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  • Ranked fourth most-cited scholar in U.S., seventh most-cited scholar worldwide, in consumer behavior research in 2003-2012 (Elbeck, M. and B.A. VanderSchee (2014), “Global Benchmarking of Marketing Doctoral Program Faculty and Institutions by Subarea,” Journal of Marketing Education, 36 (April), 45-61.)
  • Reviewer of the Year, Journal of Service Research, 2012
  • Researcher of the Year, College of Business, Southern Illinois University, 2012