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Zsolt Becsi

Associate Professor of Economics

Faner Hall, 4137
Office: 618-453-5067
Dept: 618-453-2459
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Ph.D. 1991, Economics, University of Wisconsin, Madison Fields: Macroeconomics, Public Economics Selected Publications "Credit Mismatch and Breakdown," (with Victor E. Li and Ping Wang). European Economic Review, 59, 2013, 109-125. "Does Wealth Imply Secularization and full profile >>

Chifeng Dai

Associate Professor of Economics

photo of C Dai

Faner Hall, 4140
Office: 618-453-5347
Dept: 618-453-2459
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Ph.D., University of Florida, 2003Fields: Industrial Organization, Contract Theory, Law and Economics, and Applied Econometrics Selected Publications “International Joint Venture with Double-Sided Moral Hazard:  Payment Arrangements and Credit Constraints,” with Sajal full profile >>

Scott Gilbert

Associate Professor of Economics

photo of Scott Gilbert

Faner Hall, 4145
Office: 618-453-5095
Dept: 618-453-2459
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Scott Gilbert received his Bachelors degree from the University of California Berkeley. He completed his coursework there to go to medical school, but found economics so interesting that he instead went to work as a research associate in the research department of the Federal Reserve Bank of San full profile >>

Hundanol Kebede

Assistant Professor of Economics

photo of H. Kebede

Faner Hall, 4138
Office: 618-453-5072
Dept: 618-453-2459
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Ph.D., 2020, Economics, University of VirginiaFields: International Economics, Development Economics Hundanol Kebede, Ph.D., graduated from the University of Virginia in Economics in August 2020. His fields of interest include International Trade, Applied Microeconomics, and Development Economics. full profile >>

Sajal Lahiri

Professor of Economics

photo of Sajal Lahiri

Faner Hall, 4130
Office: 618-453-9472
Dept: 618-453-2459
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Sajal Lahiri, Ph.D. earned his doctorate from the Indian Statistical Institute (1977). He worked at the University of Essex in England (1978-2002) and joined the faculty at Southern Illinois University in 2002 as the Vandeveer endowed chair in Economics and is a distinguished scholar at SIU. Lahri has full profile >>

Ali Mehrabani

Assistant Professor of Economics

Faner Hall, 4134
Office: 618-453-5062
Dept: 618-453-2459
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Ph.D., 2021, Economics, University of California - RiversideFields: Econometrics

AKM Mahbub Morshed

Professor of Economics

photo of Morshed

Faner Hall, 4139
Office: 618-453-5070
Dept: 618-453-2459
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Ph.D. 2001, University of WashingtonFields: Macroeconomic Theory, Economic Growth, International Economics Selected Publications "Microfinance and Missing Markets," Canadian Journal of Economics, forthcoming (with Shahe Emran and Joseph Stiglitz) "On Cross-country Differences in the full profile >>

Kevin Sylwester

Professor of Economics, Interim Director of Analytics, Finance & Economics

photo of Kevin Sylwester

Faner Hall, 4141
Office: 618-453-5075
Rehn Hall, 138A
Office: 618-453-1421
Dept: 618-453-2459
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Ph.D. 1997, Economics, University of Wisconsin, MadisonFields: Macroeconomics, Economic Growth, Development Selected Publications “Historical Legacy and Institutions Across Countries,” Journal of Applied Economics, 11, 2008, 373-398. "A Note on Geography, full profile >>

Alison Watts

Professor of Economics, Director of Graduate Studies, Economics

photo of A. Watts

Faner Hall, 4143
Office: 618-453-5073
Dept: 618-453-2459
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Ph.D. 1993, Economics, Duke University Fields: Microeconomics, Game Theory, Law and Economics Selected Publications "The Influence of Social Networks and Homophily on correct Voting," Network Science, 2(1), 2014, 90-106. “Career and Family Choices in the full profile >>