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Alison Watts

Professor of Economics, Director of Graduate Studies, Economics

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Faner Hall, 4143
Office: 618-453-5073
Dept: 618-453-2459
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Ph.D. 1993, Economics, Duke University 
Fields: Microeconomics, Game Theory, Law and Economics

Selected Publications

"The Influence of Social Networks and Homophily on correct Voting," Network Science, 2(1), 2014, 90-106.

“Career and Family Choices in the Presence of Uncertainty,” Review of Business and Economics, forthcoming.

"Social Games: Matching and the Play of Finitely Repeated Games," (with M. Jackson), Games and Economic Behavior, 70 (1), 2010, 170-191.

"Formation of Segregated and Integrated Groups," International Journal of Game Theory, 35, 2007, 505-519.

"Formation of Buyer-Seller Trade Networks in a Quality-Differentiated Product Market," (with P. Wang), Canadian Journal of Economics, 39, 2006, 971-1004.

"The Evolution of Social and Economic Networks" (with M. Jackson), Journal of Economic Theory, 106, 2002, 265-295.