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John Farrish

Assistant Professor

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Quigley Hall, 213-D
Office: 618-453-5192
Dept: 618-453-3307
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Dr. John Farrish spent the first twenty-five years of his professional life as a manager in fine hotels including the Fairmont Hotel and the Westin St. Francis in San Francisco and Bally's Casino Resort in Las Vegas where he was the Room Service and Hospitality Sales Manager for five years. He spent the last nine years of his management career as general manager and computer systems analyst for MCB Restaurants in Las Vegas, a company founded by Mike Mills of Murphysboro, Illinois. Dr. Farrish then left the industry to pursue his doctorate in Hospitality Administration from the University of Nevada Las Vegas.

Dr. Farrish first started coming to the Carbondale area, however, shortly after he went to work for Mr. Mills in the 1990's and long considered it his second home before making it his actual home. As an avid barbecuer, Dr. Farrish has competed in many BBQ competitions and received a few trophies for his outstanding food. He is the advisor for the SIU Student Barbecue Club, Smokin’ Dawgs.

Dr. Farrish’s research focuses on IT applications for small businesses and the effects of recession on the various segments of the hospitality industry.