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John Fraedrich

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John Fraedrich received his bachelor’s degree in management from Brigham Young University and his MS and PhD in marketing from Texas A&M University at College Station.

Fraedrich’s research stream began with one of the first empirical business ethics dissertations, was the nexus for the ethics book, “Business Ethics: Ethical Decision Making and Cases” (11th edition) 2017, and is the most widely used undergraduate business ethics text in the U.S. He is also the author of a business ethics simulation, “B-Reality” that incorporates and measures values and decisions participants’ use in ethical/unethical, moral/immoral, and legal/illegal situations. Fraedrich has the distinction of being one of fifty marketing ethics professors selected to participate in an International Consortium on Ethics and Social Responsibility. In his career he has presented, written and/or published over fifty (50) pieces specifically related to business ethics.

From a global level he has helped affect business ethics dialogue. In 1996 he was the sole ethics professor invited to an Executive Seminar on Globalization and its Implications and Challenges for Societies, Corporate Responsibility, and Public Policy. Participants included ambassadors and economic ministers from nine countries as well as Raytheon, Lockheed-Martin, and Sumitomo Corporations. He was also invited by FEDERASUL, an elite business organization in Brazil, to discuss business ethics on a panel that included one of Brazil’s Supreme Court Justices as well as a former ambassador.

In 2006 Fraedrich was asked by the Bill Daniels Foundation to become their Bill Daniels Distinguished Professor of Business Ethics at the University of Wyoming, College of Business. There, he developed and implemented a state wide program of ethics integration into business and non-business educational programs. Part of the Bill Daniels $1.2 billion fund is used for ethics awareness within business.

Presently, Fraedrich is the Jannetides Professor of Business Ethics at Southern Illinois University. He teaches Accounting Ethics (ACCT 414 and ACCT 514), Business Ethics (BA 514), Marketing Management (BA 550) and Marketing Theory (BA557). He said he chose to pursue a career in higher education because he loves to teach and research why good people in business make unethical/illegal decisions.

“Prior to my bachelor’s degree I spent two years abroad as a missionary. Service and teaching others has been a large portion of my life then and now,’ Fraedrich said. “I focused on business because I felt it could provide me with a stable economic platform for my family, which it has. Finally, I have always enjoyed writing and being a professor affords me this indulgence.”

Fraedrich said “I chose SIU because it is one of a handful of institutions that have embraced students from around the world for over sixty years. This diversity and SIU’s mission of allowing all the opportunity to gain an education is why I’m here,” he noted. “I have taught students from over thirty countries at SIU and I know that my students have a better chance at success than those without the global interaction.”

Recently Fraedrich was invited to teach for the Department of the Army at the General Officer level concerning “The Consequences of Power”. His class includes Brigadier Generals as well as General Mark A. Milley, Commanding General/Chief of Staff, U.S. Army Forces.


  • Business ethics
  • Ethical decision making
  • Values, corporate culture
  • White collar crime and behavioral genetics


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2010 Distinguished Research Award, Academy of Marketing Studies.

2001, 1993, 1992, 1991, SIU/CoB Researcher of the Year Honor Roll

2001 A Project to Improve the Academic Capabilities of the University of Shkodra and to Increase the Visibility and the Institutional Impact of the University in Shkodra and the Surrounding Region, U.S. Department of State Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs ($185,000 three year funding).

1999 The Country of Origin Factor in Consumers' Evaluations of Product, Price, Financial and Performance Risk in Latin America, SIU Summer Grant (funded).

1998 An Investigation into the Major Constructs of the Ethical Decision Making Process of Marketers, SIU Summer Grant (funded).

1995 U.S. Information Agency/Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, "A Training Program for Belarusians: Establish ing Business Centers and Training Belarusian Trainers," ($65,000 requested).

1987 Southern Marketing Association Award for Best Dissertation Proposal