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Graduate Advisement

Graduate students at the College of Business and Analytics are given the opportunity to expand upon their previous education and develop their knowledge to advance in their chosen career, whether in a management capacity in a company or by contributing to research and instruction at a university. All of our programs are accredited by the AACSB International. Please see our graduate program options below to contact an advisor and learn more about your area of interest.

Dr. Mavis Adjei

Coordinator, Ph.D. in Business Admin. with Marketing concentration

Photo of Mavis Adjei

Rehn Hall, 227A
Office: 618-453-7703
Dept: 618-453-4341
Fax: 618-453-7747
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To say that Professor Adjei is worldly is an understatement. She is fluent in six languages and "so-so in a seventh," she said.

Born and raised in Ghana, West Africa, Adjei is an ocean away from home but she feels right at home in southern Illinois. "What I love most about SIU is its culture," said Adjei who joined the College of Business and Analytics faculty in 2006. "We have a very challenging but friendly atmosphere. Most schools are either academically challenging or friendly; hardly do you find one that strives to have both. In the short time that I have been here, I have formed some of the strongest friendships that I have ever made and I know these friendships will last for years to come." full profile >>

Xiaoxin Beardsley

Director of M.B.A. Programs and Coordinator, Ph.D. in Business Admin. with Finance concentration

photo of X Beardsley

Rehn Hall, 138A
Office: 618-453-1422
Dept: 618-453-2459
Fax: 618-453-5626
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Xiaoxin Wang Beardsley, Director of M.B.A. Programs, finance program coordinator and Hamilton Family Faculty Fellow, joined SIU in 2003. She teaches Portfolio Theory and Management (FIN 433) and International Finance (FIN 464/BA582).

Beardsley said she chose to pursue a career in higher education for several reasons, “I love to see how research in the financial markets enhances people’s understanding on investment, helps them to develop a successful career path and secure personal financial freedom.” She especially enjoys SIU because of her esteemed colleagues in the College of Business and Analytics.

A native of northeastern China, Beardsley was born and raised in the city of Anshan in Liaoning Province. She earned a BS in Finance from Tsinghua University in Beijing, a MA in Economics from the University of Nebraska - Lincoln and a PhD in Finance from the Pennsylvania State full profile >>

Nicholas Hoffman

Coordinator of Assessment and Online Graduate Programs

photo of Nicholas Hoffman

Rehn Hall, 133
Dept: 618-453-3023
Fax: 618-453-2832
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Nicholas G. Hoffman, Coordinator of Assessment and Online Graduate Programs for the College of Business and Analytics. Nicholas hails from Rockford, Illinois. Nicholas joined SIU in 2006, eventually joining the College of Business and Analytics’ Online MBA program in 2012. His responsibilities have expanded to encompass ensuring a positive experience for online graduate students from admission to graduation.

Nicholas earned his bachelor’s degree in computer science and psychology, as well as his master’s degree and doctoral training in applied psychology with an emphasis in program assessment and evaluation. He brings his expertise in program evaluation, assessment, and development to help guide the process of continuous improvement of student learning towards fulfillment of the CoBA mission.

Dr. Marcus Odom

Director, M.Acc. Program

photo of Marcus Odom

Rehn Hall, 226A
Office: 618-453-1408
Dept: 618-453-2289
Fax: 618-453-1411
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Dr. Odom is a professor of accountancy and Deloitte and Touche Faculty Fellow. Professor Odom is an enthusiastic and engaging instructor.

Odom teaches undergraduate and graduate accounting information systems, internal auditing, fraud auditing, cost, and managerial accounting. Dr. Odom served as Director of the School of Accountancy from 2004 until 2014.

"The people I work with at the College are brilliant, cheerful and always willing to go the extra mile," said Odom.

Odom came to SIU in 1998 from The University of Southwestern Louisiana. He has also taught at Oklahoma State University and Central Texas College. full profile >>

Dr. Ed O'Donnell

Coordinator, Ph.D. in Business Admin. with Accounting concentration

photo of Dr. Ed O'Donnell

Rehn Hall, 228A
Office: 618-453-1497
Dept: 618-453-2289
Fax: 618-453-1411
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Ed O'Donnell didn't know what to expect when he came to the Southern Illinois University College of Business and Analytics, but he was quickly impressed with the students he encountered, "When presented with a new problem, our students' first reaction is to attack the challenge and try to conquer the problem rather than resist an unfamiliar challenge and complain that nobody had shown them how to deal with this kind of problem." This exemplifies O'Donnell's ability to recognize the qualities in his students.

O'Donnell joined the School of Accountancy faculty at the SIU College of Business and Analytics in the Fall of 2009. He teaches courses in financial statement auditing, information systems assurance, auditor risk assessment, and experimental accounting research methods. O'Donnell's area of expertise also includes enterprise risk management, accounting information systems, and information technology governance. Read Dr. O'Donnell's full profile >>