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Penny Clancy

2018 Hall of Fame Inductee

photo of Penny Clancy

Vice President - Human Resources
Sentinel Technologies
Downers Grove, Illinois

At the time of induction, Clancy served as vice president of Human Resources at Sentinel Technologies, where she provided solution design, planning and implementation for all HR services while managing a team of HR professionals. || 1995 MBA in HR Management – SIU

Harvey N. Michaels

2018 Hall of Fame Inductee

Photo of Harvey N. Michaels

U.S. Senior Contracting Partner & Globally Qualified Negotiator - Global Contracting Unit
Deloitte Consulting
Houston, Texas

At the time of induction, Michaels served as the U.S. senior contracting partner and globally qualified negotiator for the Global Contracting Unit of Deloitte Consulting. || 1979 BS in Accounting; 1981 MBA in Business Administration – SIU

Heather C. Paquette

2018 Hall of Fame Inductee

Photo of Heather C. Paquette

Managing Partner
Detroit, Michigan

At the time of induction, Paquette served as the managing partner at KPMG LLP, where she was responsible for the strategic direction, growth and workplace quality of KPMG’s Detroit and Grand Rapids office. || 1995 BS in Accounting – SIU

Latasha Randle Gillespie

2018 Hall of Fame Inductee

Photo of Latasha Randle Gillespie

Director - Global Diversity & Inclusion
Seattle, Washington

At the time of induction, Gillespie served as the director of Global Diversity & Inclusion at Amazon, where she built mechanisms to improve the diversity, diverse perspective and inclusiveness of Amazon’s workforce, workplace, and platforms. || 1996 BS in Finance – SIU

Ron G. Weinstroer

2018 Hall of Fame Inductee

Photo of Ron G. Weinstroer

Moneta Group
Clayton, Missouri

At the time of induction, Weinstroer served as a partner at Moneta Group, where he co-led an advisory team of professionals who helped successful families make better financial decisions by serving as their CFO. || 1992 MAcc in Taxation – SIU