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The Financial Management Association International (FMA) was established in 1970.  Its purpose is to develop relationships between finance practitioners and academicians, to facilitate the transfer of ideas, techniques, and advances in the field of finance among universities, businesses and all other institutions.

Membership in the FMA offers students opportunities that could not be gained from classroom instruction.

The SIU-C chapter of the FMA was established in 1987.  The FMA meets every other week to plan and participate in activities that enhance the teachings of the classroom, such activities include guest speakers from varying fields related to finance who speak with regards to their respective areas of expertise, the organization of corporate outing: to banks, brokerage houses and other related organizations.

As members of the SIU-C chapter of the FMA, students have the opportunity to share the knowledge of a collective pool consisting of both current and former students. By interacting with fellow members of the FMA, members will also gain a better insight into finance courses that other members are currently attending or may have attended in the past.

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SIU-C Chapter

Chartered 1987


The mission of FMA International is to serve the global finance community by:

  • Broadening the common interests among academics & practitioners
  • Providing opportunities for professional interaction between & among academics, practitioners, and students
  • Promoting the development and understanding of basic & applied research, and of sound financial practices
  • Enhancing the quality of education in the study of Finance


Our vision of the Financial Management Association International is to be a global leader in developing and disseminating knowledge with regard to financial decision-making.